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De’Longhi Group

Rethinking and restructuring the global Social Media architecture, strategy and management of the De’Longhi Group (De’Longhi, Kenwood and Braun Households brands) to achieve Social Media excellence and effectiveness.

De’Longhi Group
Social Media
Main Role
Business Region
The challenge

Create a Group Social Media Governance Model and Ecosystem able to make the Group Social Media presence more effective and built around business objectives, and to make De’Longhi Group a leader in the sector.
Develop and deploy a new Group Social Media architecture across 3 brands through a data-driven Group Social Media framework with strategic guidance at Group level but with local deployment, in order to give relevance to the local Market needs and objectives.
Open and manage Global and Brand Social Media channels. Define Influencer Strategy for De’Longhi “Perfetto” campaign.

The analysis

Mapping and analysis of over 250 Social Media Channels worldwide (global and local), with particular focus on quali-quantitative analysis of Brands Social Pages (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) performances in major markets.
Social Listening to investigate if Social perception was aligned with Brand positioning in the relevant Markets.
Competitors Architecture and Strategy benchmark.

The output

A new Social Media architecture to manage a data driven approach to Social Media Strategy.
Definition and implementation of a Social Media Strategy Framework template to support Brands and Markets in creating compelling and efficient Social Media strategies (KPIs, Listening/Performances, Audiences, Content, Community Management, Media, Influencer Marketing).
Definition of Global/Local governance processes with structuring and resourcing recommendations.
Strategy, Social Media and Community Management of the first Brand global channel.