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New UI and features for Cosepuri, the namesake app of the rental service that provides quick and intuitive access to chauffeured vehicles.

Main Role
UX research, design & prototyping, UI & graphic design, project management
Business Region
The challenge

Improve features and usability of the Cosepuri app in order to offer an even more thorough service and simplify the user experience for immediate or scheduled booking of a chauffeured vehicle.

The Approach

Collaborative sessions with the stakeholders aimed to redesign, simplify, and make the navigation patterns more intuitive.

Mapping of the AS-IS experience to identify any issues and transform them into valuable experiences for the final user, as well as to understand the client’s needs and suggest new improvement opportunities.

KPIs and Objectives


  • Improve user experience and accessibility
  • Increase revenue
  • Relaunch the APP product
  • Reach a younger and more technologically evolved target
  • Obtain a modern, top-quality instrument that runs smoothly and efficiently
Flussi e design system

Creation of a smooth interactive model, much needed to speed up the search for chauffeured vehicles services in a way that is aligned with the identified business objectives.
Implementation of a new feature that sends a notification upon accepting the request and offers real-time tracking of the vehicle on its way to the user.
The restyling process was completed by a modern UI aligned with the context standards.