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Maggili Editore, How to Distinguish Yourself on Amazon

A thorough consulting service on the Amazon marketplace to optimize account management and product pages conversion rate and improve the performance of a historic brand in the publishing industry.

Maggioli Editore
Main Role
Business Region
The challange

To simplify account management, improve performance, and exalt the quality of Maggioli’s products and publishing services within the Amazon marketplace, which is known to be a complex setting with thousands of references, clunky contributor feeds, and intense competition. Overcoming this challenge would mean giving back space and exposure to a distinguished brand with over 40 years of experience within its industry.

Tailor-made Amazon Consulting

Not only KPI analysis but also deep listening to the client’s needs, quality insights, and analysis of the customer journey through the channel ecosystem. A tailor-made approach to create an Amazon strategy based on real operational needs, fully integrated with the brand’s communication and marketing strategies.

Amazon account management

Our Amazon channel professionals offered consulting services to identify and solve operational issues hindering everyday workflow.
Amazon is a complex platform: choosing the correct configuration means saving time, avoiding mistakes, improving margins, and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Amazon: performance, CRO and monitoring

To be competitive within a given marketplace, brands need to identify the correct KPIs and find new ways to improve results, identify issues, and recognize opportunities. Day by day. Improved performance isn’t just about sales; it’s also about increased margins, profitability, and exposure to achieve steady results. For Maggioli, an improved performance within the marketplace was reached by extending brand awareness past the field of corporate publishing. How? Through tailored strategies for ADV campaigns, offer diversity, CPC campaign optimization, and better ranking of Maggioli titles via SEO optimization tools.

Numbers don't lie

Operational flow simplification:
-80% customer service tickets opened
-20% monthly account managing effort

Average campaign ACOS: from 11.2% to 5.4%
x2.5 orders from ADV
February total order items: +60%
March total order items: +220%

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Innovation Does

Uniti dall'innovazione digitale per aiutare le organizzazioni a vincere le sfide del mercato e del futuro.

Dinova ha l'obiettivo di creare l'ecosistema ideale dove il miglioramento delle persone stimola il progresso incessante delle organizzazioni.

Da oggi Hibo è parte di Dinova.
Abbiamo unito le forze con altre tre importanti realtà nel panorama dell'innovazione digitale non solo per ampliare la nostra offerta e rispondere in modo completo a tutte le esigenze del business, ma anche perché condividiamo un approccio determinato, proattivo e orientato al risultato.