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A crossmedial campaign to spread and amplify new concepts of entertainment, directly involving users on the conception and realization of their own «homemade parties».

Website, social media adv, concorso
Main Role
Creativity design, web platform, branded content
Business Region
The challange

To establish a captivating, paticipative and close to the target digital positioning thanks to the creation of a useful content with the aim to reinforce the brand awareness among young people.


Positioning the brand in the entertainment area and giving voice to a young, highly technological and always online audience. This is the starting point from which the YouParty concept was conceived, a crossmedial venture that involves the target in order to turn it into a proper party planner, thanks to Fonzies. A project developed online as it is possible to take part in the contest and propose a personal idea of the ultimate party, and offline, in the place where the winners’ party is threw.

"An original party is needed…"

The venture engaged the target through a blog of ideas and suggestions on how to throw a party. A Social Media campaign planned to provoke the most WOM in relation to the events, a user oriented contest and the participation of Radio 105 Network.

Let's get YouParty started

A deejay, a soundsystem and a Fonzies supply made up the «Kit Fonzies» with which the winners achieved their own idea of a party. All documented by a videoblogger with the the job to catch the coolest scenes and pubblish them online on website and social media to enlarge the engagement.