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Auting, Share your car

The first car sharing peer-to-peer platform in Italy. A service that allows car sharing between private users, allowing a sustainable management of the cars for both the owners and drivers.

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, Social media
Main Role
Branding, platform design, brand & digital strategy
Business Region
The challange

Creating a new brand identity, starting from the naming of the service. An easy access platform, safe and clear, that brings it Italy an innovative service. The awareness and positioning of the service have been the first step of the communication strategy, making easier for the sharing economy targets to know better how the service works. First challenge: get users to share their own car.

Auto + Sharing = Auting

Auting means get rid of the concept of car ownership. The auting service means enabling people to access a new way of experiencing mobility. First of all, Auting consists in the action of those who choose the service. The brand is the enabler of a clear and reliabile system, granted by an insurance model tailored to each service offered.

"A te la scelta"

Auting invites the users to rely on a secure and transparent service, basing the relationship on community trust. A new way of conceiving mobility is possible.

The sharing engine

The platorm works with a geolocation service and a shared calendar. Based on several market analysis and behavioral studies, the UX/UI design is made around the target and the sharing economy standards.


#blogaround has been the first influencer marketing campaign, launched in 2017 to increase the awareness of the service. Four travel blogger, four car rented anonymously on the platform, four amazing travels around Italy. The stories have been spread on the Auting social media channels and on those of the Influencers, and collected on a special web page.

Gli Automaniaci by The Pills

The Italian YouTube star The Pills worked on a web series focused on the “owner” target. Through irreverent gags and irony, the Roman trio built a storytelling aimed at breaking down the fears and prejudices of car owners, convincing them to share their cars. A viral campaign that won the 2018 Interactive Key Award.

Innovation Does

Uniti dall'innovazione digitale per aiutare le organizzazioni a vincere le sfide del mercato e del futuro.

Dinova ha l'obiettivo di creare l'ecosistema ideale dove il miglioramento delle persone stimola il progresso incessante delle organizzazioni.

Da oggi Hibo è parte di Dinova.
Abbiamo unito le forze con altre tre importanti realtà nel panorama dell'innovazione digitale non solo per ampliare la nostra offerta e rispondere in modo completo a tutte le esigenze del business, ma anche perché condividiamo un approccio determinato, proattivo e orientato al risultato.